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  • 如果你不懂PK做1:1正品的梦想,不要order。PK鞋子只卖给真正的PK粉丝。PK经得起多大的顾客的赞美,就经得住多大的同行的诋毁。
    How much you know about PK ambitions and dream of making the real 1:1 Replica, Please dont order if you dont. We only sell them to PK fans and those who know about it. We are pround of all the praises and good comment from all the customer, Pk going strong and strong through all the negative criticism from the same line competitors
    PK has a dream. ONE DAY, all reps will be made to look and feel equal to retail.

    Hey friends,
    Thank you to everyone for trusting in PK all the time. Use coupon code 'BlackFriday' to get $50 off on website from now until Nov.26th and we will also send free Try My Way boost pads in every order if you order from now to Nov. 26th.

    From order number 180138 and beyond , if you have payment success, leave your order number in the ins account @perfectkicksnet comments below. We will pick 3 winners to send free sneakers.
    0 Day 0 H 0 Min 0 Sec
    We only have 2 Instagram accounts: @PerfectKicksNet and @PK_hello,
    We only have 1 website : PerfectKicks.me
    The rest are scammers. Pls pay attention.

    Wanna say something about the McDonald Yeezy V2....

    Hey guys. So yesterday I just got retail McDonald Yeezy V2 in hand, direct from Adidas retail store. Yes, officially it is called the Semi Frozen V2, I know..
    So I spent these 2 days to really check out the reps in the market from other factory and really compare it with the retail pair.
    Honestly, I have seen so many batches from different factories in China of the McDonald V2 and I really can't tell which is which now.. All the fake batches looks the same no matter which factory it is from.
    Every batch from the different factories looks the same... they all use "real materials".. 1:1 laces, 1:1 pattern, 1:1 sock liner....
    Every factory get it right because they all already have real materials in hand even before the retail pairs are released officially by Adidas. When I put all the fake batches with retail side by side, they all look really good honestly, I'm not gonna lie.
    All the reps these days look so good... BUT, all of them have the same flaw and it is that their primeknit totally look and feel cheap especially when you touch it with your hands. The primeknit feel thin, feel stiff and not high quality like the retail primeknit from Adidas.
    PK God primeknit I can assure you it totally feel same as retail since it is from Huayiyi. Also, other fake batches the lettering is off, due to the cheap primeknit material.
    I have to admit that that is the only two main things that is different between PK God and other factory.
    All other factory pairs really look good and 1:1 in pictures. But what about when put it side by side and compare the feeling and comfort with retail?
    Lastly I just wanna tell you guys, this is a place where I want to share my feelings with you guys, not just selling things here. I am really so happy to be here to communicate with you guys about reps and let you guys have exclusive information about our reps. Reps really grow fast and we can expect more 1:1 from the rep world coming soon.