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  • 如果你不懂PK做1:1正品的梦想,不要order。PK鞋子只卖给真正的PK粉丝。PK经得起多大的顾客的赞美,就经得住多大的同行的诋毁。
    How much you know about PK ambitions and dream of making the real 1:1 Replica, Please dont order if you dont. We only sell them to PK fans and those who know about it. We are pround of all the praises and good comment from all the customer, Pk going strong and strong through all the negative criticism from the same line competitors
    PK has a dream. ONE DAY, all reps will be made to look and feel equal to retail.

    Use coupon code"PKGod" to get 30usd off on your order

    0 Day 0 H 0 Min 0 Sec
    We only have 2 Instagram accounts: @PerfectKicksNet and @PK_hello,
    We only have 1 website : PerfectKicks.me
    The rest are scammers. Pls pay attention.
    Hey PK fans,

    We will have days off from Feb. 12th to 22nd because of the Chinese New Year holidays. Shipping will back to normal on the 22nd. For orders which haven’t been shipped during holidays we will send once we are back to work and send free  Try My Way boost pads retail version as gift. You can still order during our holidays and we will also send Chinese New Year gifts in your orders. You guys can use coupon code ‘CNY’ to get $55 off on our website perfectkicks.me
    And more PK great news is coming!! Thanks for everyone’s support from 2013! PK will continue to be No.1 and I love you guys.